You might be an artist who would like to introduce yourself and your work here or maybe you’re a business with a mission to describe. Either way, we are here to show you that the future of both art and entrepreneurship is through innovative, out-of-the box thinking. We are committed to educating artists on how they can be successful in this rapidly changing world. While we provide business, self-help, and organizational tips to artists who are looking to start their career, we are also following the large-scale trends of the art world. We know that innovation is the key to success, and we’re here to help leading-edge and visionary artists launch their careers.

Our entrepreneurial development program for young artists, Visual Arts Reimagined, is designed specifically with the innovative artist in mind. We recognize that these days, artists must become entrepreneurs for their own work. However, not many art schools prepare their students with the networking, business, and marketing skills that young artists need in the modern art world. Our mission is to give artists professional training in these business skills while providing a supportive community as they begin their career. We seek to prepare, support, and inspire our artists. VAR strives to keep the arts alive, and we can achieve this by equipping talented, young artists with all the tools they need to succeed.